Big 5 – ReWe

ReWe Green building, photo: ReWe

ReWe – “ ReWe. Your market.”

The ReWe-Group is a German diversified retail and tourism co-operative group based in Cologne, Germany. The name ReWe comes from Revisionsverband der Westkauf-Genossenschaften”, meaning “Western Buying Co-operatives Auditing Association”. The most important companies under the umbrella of ReWe-Group operate under ReWe-Central AG and ReWe-Zentralfinanz eG names. The basis of this co-operative trade group consists of a network of independent retailers.

After regional supermarket operator Wasgau, ReWe has now taken majority stake in Coop´s supermarket chain Sky.

ReWe Group invested 1.6 billion euros recently in their European store network. With sustainable property in focus, their urbanization trend continues.

ReWe delivery service, photo © ReWeIn response to Amazon Fresh ReWe decided to face the challenge to develop their own food delivery service. So far starting in big cities and highly urban areas, where they experienced an encouraging start, but are now challenged by lacking profitability.

All photos © ReWe.