Big 5 – Metro

Metro´s CEO Olaf Koch ringing the bell at Metro´s stock market launch at German DAX in summer 2017. Photo © Metro.

Metro AG is a Germany-based company originally engaged in the self-service wholesale trade sector. The Company used to be operated through three segments: METRO Cash & Carry, Media-Saturn and Real. The METRO Cash & Carry segment operates in the wholesale business for professional customers, such as hotels and restaurants, catering firms, independent retailers, service providers and public authorities, and comprises the brands METRO and MAKRO. German Metro is not only focused on professional customers but also end-consumers, which shifts German Metro outlets more towards traditional retail chains.

The Media-Saturn segment focuses on retail of consumer electronics through Saturn and MediaMarkt stores, as well as through the online retail platform The Real segment comprises both store-based and online retail hypermarket operations, and offers fresh products and non-food articles, among others. Galeria Kaufhof has been sold to HBC in 2015.

Metro performed a split between Metro/Real and Media-Saturn into two independent organizations. The latter one is not acting under the Metro umbrella any longer, whereas the Metro/Real are stock listed under the Metro brandname since 2017 (see picture) with stock prices developing timidly.

Whereas Edeka, Rewe, Aldi and Lidl are constantly expanding their market share and continue to grow in turnover, Metro-Group is in decline since 2004.

Real is making ongoing efforts to reposition itself in the German market, but are continuously suffering from restructurizations and strikes through both suppliers and employees.

Photo © Metro-Group