IFH expects 63 billion euros in e-commerce sales

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash under Creative Commons License

The Cologne based Institut für Handelsforschung (IFH) reports about a 10 percent growth in 2017 and just forecasted another 10 percent growth in 2018. That is the outcome of a recent IFH study on revenue growth in e-commerce in Germany. After 57.6 billion euros in 2017 German eCommerce will generate approximately 63 billion euros in 2018.

Though, the process of „Amazonisation“ continues. The Amazon Marketplace alone, for example, accounts for approximately 25 percent of total German online retail, while the proprietary trading business accounts for approximately 21 percent. According to IFH estimates, vendors and sellers selling their products through Amazon repeatedly achieved an increase of more than 20 percent in 2017 versus the year before. Used as a product search engine, for information purposes and for price comparisons, Amazon influences about 29 percent of online sales, according to the study. Depending on the industry, the power is enormous. In categories leisure & hobby as well as consumer electronics, the share of sales generated or influenced by Amazon is more than 90 percent. At fashion & accessories around 46 percent of online sales are still independent of Amazon.

Considering that the market itself is not growing, 10 percent is a share that is not happening at brick-and-mortar any longer.

Branchenreport Online-Handel 2018, Institut für Handelsforschung, Köln.

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash under Creative Commons License.