Amazon sells its Go-technology

Amazon Go starts selling its Go-technology to other retail customers. Source: Wikipedia under Creative Commons License.

Amazon is now also selling its technology of “Amazon Go” stores to third parties. According to Reuters, Amazon has already signed “several” contracts with retailers for the use of its technology. The online giant will install the entire technology, including ceiling cameras and shelf weight sensors, in stores.

But unlike in “Amazon Go” stores, customers will insert a credit card into the entrance turnstile to enter a store. The store then posts the invoice to their credit card as soon as the customer leaves the store. In Amazon’s own stores, the Amazon app is used for this. The turnstiles are marked with the logo “Just Walk Out technology by Amazon”.

The Go-technology and the brand “Just Walk out”, on the same-named website name Amazon now advertises its service, which could become a source of money like their cloud business with AWS. And this solution produces lower costs and generates more profit than renting concrete individually. Especially since Amazon will also be inviting its technology-customers into its own cloud.

Source: Reuters