Four German retailers in European Top 10

In this blog we often talk about growth in e-commerce, and this is actually happening. But if you look at the number of stores of European retailers and the revenue they generate, you can quickly see why even European brick-and-mortar is still a popular target market for foreign suppliers. But the onliners are catching up.

Last week German Lebensmittelzeitung prognosticated that in European retail, Western European food retailers will continue to lead. A respective analysis had been conducted through Edge by Ascential. There are four traditional German names in the top 10 – first and foremost the Schwarz Group, which can even make up for its previous strong growth figures. A potential weakness of traditional grocery stores is shown by the strong new entry of two digital challengers: US company Amazon and Chinese online giant Alibaba. Earlier this year LZ forecasted that Rewe would rank directly behind Schwarz Group through its acquisition of Lekkerland, but effectively Amazon conquered second rank.

The embedded chart below is in German, please click “+ Zeige 40 mehr” to see the full list:

Edge by Ascential

Pexels – Artem Beliaikin (CC-license)